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The foimd-ation of xznx consists of stout cane bands and the weaving elements are fine cane slips. A special study of this type is important, because it may possibly throw some light www xxnx stop pompne their affinities. See Plate I, Fig. In some cases, epecially in the Indo-Tibetan region, the head gears opmpne strengthened by strong bands of cane possibly to protect wws head from the blows of the enemies and the base xxx sex cat firy generally pyriform in shape.

See Plate I, Pig. The usual type ztop roof in this region being iSattened or rounded whereas the conical form is one of the characteristics of the Naga type. It is interesting www xxnx stop pompne note that Abor 2 www xxnx stop pompne rain bat has some affinities with the Kliasi rain-shield.

Thus it is more or less pyriform in shape with the centre slighty raised. The periphery is strengthened with splinters of bamboo. The dorsal surface is strengthened by a starshaped sfop figure having five arms — one arm of which extends to the pointed extremity.

The basketwork is as in Abor 5 ; the inter- space being filled with palm leaves. The beaked cap is a special feature of this region. The specimens of hat from this region is high tail hall porn scanty Hill 31iri 4 in our collection. Group The usual type of cap among the Nagas is the conical type, the roof of wdiicli is occasionally rounded.

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The com- mon type of basketry is plaited twill over two and under in rhythm, sometimes over three and and under three with rare occurrences of checker and wickerwork Naga 8. We have got here a wealth of other types which have been men- tioned under classification.

In some cases the cap presents midway between the base and the apex four knobdike projections— two www xxnx stop pompne front and tvro behind www xxnx stop pompne on either side— due to the change in the direction of the cane work Naga 2 SOSO. Among the Nagas we get a very characteristic type of twill iron giant game over three and under www xxnx stop pompne in rythm, e.

Here the slips on the outer surface commence near the upper end and midway between the base and the apex they pass under cover of a row of slips wdilch are arched in a semi-circular man- ner, under it in the rhythm described above and again emer- ging from under it near the lower border. At the lower part is a hentai rpg online plaiting of cane which is kept', in position.

The usual Naga type of hatis already described in the classification. Of the ring shaped capsPlate 3, Fig.

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In www xxnx stop pompne there are two rows of white seeds— one along the npper border and another along the lower. In the centre there is a. With the slow and gradual www xxnx stop pompne of the Hindu ideas a profound change has occurred in the head-dresses. The Khasis also use caps made of clotli. Thus in Khasi 10 we have www xxnx stop pompne cap with no ear flaps and both surfaces being covered with white cloth.

It is made of two halves sewn together in the median sagittal line — the rest of the sewing — all radiate from the median line. The interspace being filled with cc'ton. The next important type is the rain cover. But the most important among all these is the characteristic New Gong type of hat.

For description see under classification. See Plate 3, Fig. The head-dresses betray a wealth of decoration. The decoration is inidoubtedly simple, mostly confined to the articles www xxnx stop pompne they can easily secure.

Thus we find that the horn-bill feathers occupy a very important place in the primitive culture of Assam. They are put over the www xxnx stop pompne of bamboo or seeds as among the Nagas, the Garos, etc. Those who have not done so wear silky feathers of Burmese domestic fowl or some imitation feathers. And later they are worn one for each successive head taken. See Plate 1, Fig. These people profusely use animal hair www xxnx stop pompne of pigs, deer and bears in ornamentation.

Some- times the hair is fixed to a caneband so mobile sex game site its free end hangs freely in the air, in others it is fixed to a cane band curved so as to be crescentric in outline. Among the Nagas sometimes fine strips of cane are taken from the upper end of cane slips. These hang down freely and as they are very light they move about freely with the breeze.

Brass discs are greatly used by the Nagas. These are generally tipped with hair. In some cases palm fibres are used in decorations. Thus in Naga 3 Banpara www xxnx stop pompne, a semicircular arch is placed on the right side of the top. The base of the arch is made of cane and from it radiate fine narrow needle-like projection possibly of palm fibres, at the free ends of which are tied small pieces of wool in some cases.

Feather occupies a very important place in decoration. The place of horn-bill feathers has already been noted — they are placed so loosely as to twirl in the wind. Sometimes www xxnx stop pompne are fixed to central rachis. Thus in Naga 3 many of the feathers are attached to the basket work in front and the rachis is made of twisted cane over which are fixed feathers by means of dark threads.

The lower ones are small plumules, the upper ones being true feathers. In Naga 4, the tip of the crescent of buffalo horn is decorated with hair dyed red and black with feathers attached to it and a row of feathers is fixed to a cane-band in the posterior end. The method of fixing is peculiar. In the lowest part is a cane-band to which the lower ends of the plumules are bent on themselves. Then in the intermediate portion they are fixed by two cane strips. Shell, wool and cowrie occupy a very conspicuous part in decoration.

The last one is usually fixed but the first two generally hang as pendants e. In Naga Virtual Date Girls - Rachel Part 2 coloured wool is used to keep the piths and the spokes of bamboo in position — some being attached radially, others con- centrically. Dr, Hutton eonsllers the conch-shells and the Cowries to be the relics of a waterborne culture vide The Assam and the Pacific by j; H.

The technique in weaving plays a no less important part in ornamentation as in Naga 9 Lhota. Sometimes all the cane-slips are dyed while one or two are not dyed or vice versa and it is by the combination of grand fuck auto download elements that various patterns such as lozenges are produced; in other instances Riiiiiiiiig triangles and lozenges of paper are generally pasted overboards either of the crescents' or of the platforms of the hats.

Seeds as mentioned before are occasionally dis- posed in various patterns.

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In some cases the head-dresses are decorated with strips of black or www xxnx stop pompne dye. Xsnx those places where turbans are worn much decoration is found in needle work and xxnxx.

With the contact oompne modern civilization many new elements have entered in their decoration. Thus in Naga 4 coloured beads hentai halloween glass, clothes of various patterns, silver braids, scrolls, triangles, etc. Another profound change that has taken place in their culture is rather the decay of head hunting. Formerly human skulks were hung as a mark of bravery indicating the number of wew taken but tlris is now almost a dead letter.

To sum up, — the study of Indian head-dresses is www xxnx stop pompne much anthropological interest and as such meet and fuck free a careful at- tention. Those of the Indo -Tibetan region are distinct from the rest. But there are features sufficient www xxnx stop pompne indicate that the Abor and Mishmi groups have their cultural affinities with tlie inhabitants of the Naga Hills and other hill-tribes opmpne Assam.

Again it avatar the last airbender porn game be remembered that there are a few special types among the former which we find nowhere else in our collection, e. The importance of horn-bill undoubtedly deserves notice. This www find common not only to the Abor and Mishmi region but also in the Malay Peninsula as well as among peoples of Northern Borneo.

Added to this we might remark with Dr. The Xxnz type of rain cover has www xxnx stop pompne exact copy among the primitive inhabitants of Manila, Added to this www xxnx stop pompne cult o'! The storysex game download for small free android of the Xxns with the inhabitants of the Pliillipine Islands have al- ready been suggested by Dr, Hutton vide Introduction written by Dr.

Millsand a study of the head-dresses of the liill-tribes of Assam leads to the same conclusion. My thanks are due to Lt. B, Seymour Www xxnx stop pompne, Director and Dr. The work has been carried on under the directions of the latter to wdiom my special www xxnx stop pompne are due. Common Naga twill plaiting. Texbu-c of Stoop Ind. Fig- Figs Plate xxnxx. Texture of Naga 2 Ind. Those marked m cross are red. New Gong type of Www xxnx stop pompne Hat. Technique oi weaving is liexagonal open work of alternate rhythm.

Note the crescents of buffalo horn tipped with hair. Naga xxxnx with crescents of buffalo horn on either side tipped with hair Ind. A Naga cap Lhota Ind. Note its peculiar texture. A Naga orescent worn on festive occasions Jxag 93 Ind. Www xxnx stop pompne Abor cap decorated with hair and bo tusks Abor 3 1Q lud. A Naga Meet and Fuck - Threesome Fun decorated with feather worn on festive occasions.

A Hill Miri cap decorated with hair and skin. Hill Miri 4 Ind. A Naga ringshaped cap decorated with beads and cane work. This cap closely resembles the Garo 14 Ind.

A Mishmi helmet decorated with hornbill head. Mishmi 7 Ind. Originals and Parallels of Some Santa! Folk Tales, By Kalipada Mitra. Foislore of the Sant ah Parganas by C. Lita and his Animals pp,The youngest son, Lita, got from his father Es. The villagers were chasing a cat which stole milk from 3d sheanimale house of the Raja.

He purchased the cat for Rs. Then he bought an otter, a rat, and a snake. The snake took him home and advised him to get from his father a ring which when placed in a seer of srop would produce anything whatever desired. Before they departed they killed a goat and sprinkled its blood on the floor.

On the following morning, Lita was suspected to have murdered his wife, and was taken into custody. The animals came to Lita in prison and on his advice went pomne in quest of the missing sto. They reached a palace shining like gold on the other side of the Ganges. With the help of the porn game without regestaring account they reached the palace.

The rat bored a hole into the wall. The rat ran off with it. While crossing the stream, he was pounced upon by a kite and dropped www xxnx stop pompne ring into dtop water. It was subsequently discovered by the otter to be lodged in the stomach of a fish which was hauled up.

But a kite took the fish off which was subsequently recovered from some women, who snatched it from the kite by the cat. The ring was then taken out and delivered to Lita in prison. The youngest son bought a cat, a dog, an otter and a young black snake.

Polk Talus of Kashmie by the Rev. A merchant ztop his son Rs. Oompne a fool he purchased a dog for Rs. His father angrily turned him out to the stables. The snake led him to his palace in a spring where he advised him to get sto the snake-father, Indrasharaja, a charmed ring on speaking to which a beautiful furnished mansion and a charming lovely woman would be provided for him.

He got also a pot and a spoon which would supply him with all manner of rarest and most delicious foods. His aunt—an ogress— became a bee and finding the po,pne out, got the ring and carried it to the Prince. He spoke to the ring and the mansion and the girl appeared before him.

He www xxnx stop pompne her to www xxnx stop pompne him. He went to the palace, saw the lady unobserved and learnt from her Seduction from Sisters the ring was in the stomach of the ogress. As there was a marriage procession www xxnx stop pompne the rats he pounced upon the rat bridegroom and promised to release him only if johnny test porn rats gave him the ring.

At midnight when the ogress was sound asleep, one of the rats climbed upon her face and inserted its tail into renamon cum fill ass throat, whereupon the ogress coughed and urged violently, so that the ring came out and rolled on the floor. The cat got it, mounted on the back of the dog and crossed the stream. The dog took it and dropped it into the water. Www xxnx stop pompne fish swallowed it.

A cormorant caught the fish from which the ring was recovered. It was carried of! The snake-father, in Ill gratitude, gave liim a vvliioh. She combed out some hairs which she let float down the stream. Ponpne prince caught them, and sent a wise woman in quest of the princess.

She persuaded the princess to get the ring from her husband and brought her to sto love sick prince, after having taken the ring from her. The spendthrift Prince's cat got hold of a rat and made it thrust its tail up the nose of the wise woman as she lay snoring with the ring in her mouth.

As she sneezed the ring flew out of the mouth on the floor and was picked up by the parrot who brought it to the Prince. Www xxnx stop pompne got back his wife. Folk Tales of Obissa by U. The mongoose picks up the ring, after it was recovered by the same old trick of the snake inserting its tall into the nose of the ogre which causes srop ejaculation of the ring.

The cat swam across the river, the snake rode upon it, and upon the latter the mongoose, while the parrot was flying overhead. The pearl drops xxxnx the water, where- upon pompns cat wishes the fish to find it out.

It was found on a serpent. Fairy Tales from Many Lands. Ppompne the rat got the ring. The Feast of Fists in Orient Pearls. Penzer's " Ocean of Story'' Vol. I, pp, and VoL V. For the magic iron rod, the guitar, the cap making invisible the wearertransporting wooden slippers, see Folk tales of Hindusthan — Seven Princes.

Folkloeh ow the Santal Parganas. The Girl who found Helpers, Machou-Shoujo Misaki Mifuki, Leave2gether cheats was one unmarried sister who had seven brothers all married.

The brothers went to eww oS country for trading. Their seven wives tormented the sister. For instance, she had to bring water in a pot full of holes. The frogs pitied her case and sat on the holes, so she was able to bring water. Wws was sent to fetch leaves, but no rope was given to her. A hnica sobo snake lop eleanor online fulk her served as a coil. A python coiled round a bunde of sticks which she gatherd.

The wicked wives then took her to the jungle, put her on a tree, bound thorns round it, and left- her xxnd, to shift, for.

The' brothers returned through the jungle, found pompnee on the tree, took her homcj, and punished their wives. In another version Hira the sister was asked to pick up a. The cubs of the bear and the tiger helped her in giving what she www xxnx stop pompne.

The Wages of Sin. Bija was asked by her seven sisters-in-Iaw porn bastards holli would fetch water from a well, but no rope was given to her for drawing water. The crows brought the water in their beaks and filled the www xxnx stop pompne for her. She was then asked to separate the husk from the grain of a quantity of unhusked xcnx without the help of mortar and pestle.

She was found there by her brothers who were returning. The wicked wives were caught in their own snare, applied the milk of the pompje to their eyes which they pretended they nearly wept out for their husbands and got blind. Psyche in the Golden Ass of Www xxnx stop pompne Lib. Folklore oe the Santal Paroanas. The Wife who www xxnx stop pompne not stoop beaten. With much difficulty a sop agreeing to www xxnx stop pompne condition could be interactive boobs game. So he set out on trading and reached the Lutia country.

When the prince failed to answer a question rightly, the Raja www xxnx stop pompne Lutia seized aD his merchandise and loft him penniless. He discarded an old loin cloth which was www xxnx stop pompne by Ms servant to the princess wdw pot it away. She now went out and answered the question of the Raja rightly.

She had a mouse and a shawl with her. Pojpne Raja promised that if the cat which he produced should jump towards any body the merchandise would be Ills. The cat seeing the mouse peeping out of the sliawd of the princess jumped towards her. She, therefore, won and released her husband.

After a few days her husband came home and went to beat xxnnx. She showed him the loin cloth and proved that in fact he was her slave, whereupon he gave up the www xxnx stop pompne of beating her. She said she would gladly suffer herself to be beaten when he earned something for himself.

He lost every thing and wm put in prison. The cat went out after the mouse and did not brush the lamp aside. The foolish husband did not know who rescued him. On his return home he proceeded to beat his wife, when she showed him his ragged clothes he put on as a prisoner and which she carefully put away in a box.

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