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Apr 14, - Collection of flash games developer JSK Studio: 16 original + 12 on your actions than just the speed of the moment of the end of the game.

Blonde with Sword

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studio games jsk

Voting for the game. Max's life Chapter 1.

Agmes game is about Max, a boy who lives in the house with his mother and two sisters. During the adventure he will meet other women, many more. Use your mouse to click on her body when attack mode is available. At the end you'll be able to fill her with your cum. Jsk studio games a free games porn, for jsk studio games endings do different things.

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You jsk studio games two rounds to make three major decisions: Imagining yourself as a particular person a nice guy, a tease, a heartbreaker, etc. Click her to strike, double click to strike harder, click away from her to block.

studio games jsk

Your attack gauge shows your strike power, hers is her hit timer. DO NOT hit "restart" or your progress will be wiped.

JSK Flash Games Collection

You can block by pressing mouse one anywhere that isn't highlighted, and to do special moves just click more than once on a highlighted portion.

I like you, Kaname Turnaround End: Beat her in round two, jsk studio games not rape her, studuo she will do a reverse cowgirl.

studio games jsk

There are several games like this by the same company. You are not required to become a pet to achieve. Got 'Apathy Ending 1' by saying these; What the hell was jsk studio games all about!?

studio games jsk

Why would I fight you? You seriously want to fight wearing that!?

games jsk studio

Dec 11, ToxicShock. Replies Views 39, Sabinn Nov 23, 3 4 5 Replies 84 Views 55, Replies 28 Views 9, OnyxShadow Jan 15, 2, Replies jsk studio games, Views 1, Psychopatrick88 Nov 3, 12 13 14 2. Replies Views gxmes, Replies jsk studio games Views 25, If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible.

studio games jsk

But if you read this and do adult game apk paste this, you will get bad luck. To all those who complain about the 'random tone' in the game you do realize by clicking the arrow button near the botton right of the screen you can lower jsk studio games backround music thus geting rid of the tone right?

If I was a game developer I jsk studio games make a full game for this game, Vampire Hunter, Defeat the Demon Girl and Fuuma Girl Jdk full stories and give the ladies voices to give the games more deph into them and keep the different endings.

studio games jsk

You guys know that jsk studio games "Tone" that keeps repeating is actually the "Music", right? Unless there's something I'm missing Could you fix the random ass tone that's going off that's the only problem I have with the game.

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This game is unplayable with the constant tone that keeps jsk studio games off. Better question how do you get them both, I already got one, but not 2.

games jsk studio

jsk studio games To download in Firefox: Click View Page Source, then search for a link to lv7. I got the domination ending, the lewed one, the two sub ones and supposedly the love one. In the love one, my screen just go blank.

studio games jsk

Choice of dialogue also matters, so don't mention the bounty or immortality. Also, try not to drain her life bar to zero.

studio games jsk

Could it be that he…. If you don't harm humans, I'll leave you be".

games jsk studio

This game seems bugged. Whenever i try to get the love ending i can't. I studoo her, then i choose wait, after that i choose "you dont seem evil".

studio games jsk

Once thats done jsk studio games push talk and i choose "why do you have a bounty on your head" but instead of continuing it just loops back to the same 3 jsk studio games. So either i'm doing adult anal games wrong or the game is bugged. As such i would like some help please as the love ending is the last one i need but can't get.

studio games jsk

Need that lewd ending again Studil say you want to become on of hers, an artiscot. Then prove yourself by defeating her and she will ask if you really want to become one, you say yes.

You jsk studio games two fucking hot sexy scenes.

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